Monday, May 04, 2009

New Ulduar Poll, Is Ulduar too Hard ?

My last poll on the site (right side bar) indicated that, over the 15 persons that answered it 13 were ready to rush into Ulduar, 2 were not yet completely sure of it but none was expecting to delay it for long.
Though 15 people isn't a lot, I'm pretty sure most of the raiders were really awaiting Ulduar, tired of this long boring time with only Naxxramas.

Now that we've have Ulduar for nearly 3 weeks, what do you think about it ? According to recent changes (read nerfs) by Blizzard, Ulduar is too hard for most guilds. I must accept the fact that only one of our 10 men groups was really able to advance up to Mimiron before last week nerfs. But I think that most of our raiders were "not preapared"(©). The end of BC, with the patch 3.0, the new talents and the general raid nerf, followed by 6 months of "free loot easy raiding" really made raiders dull.

From my point of view, we are not as good as we were. But perhaps for the top guilds, most probably suffered these months from the apathy that easy raiding is pushing on us.
What do you think of that ? Do you need these nerfs ? Were you happy of Ulduar difficulty, hoping as I was that it would shake your raid back to skill ?
Feel free to comment here and answer the poll.


  1. I think it's just right as is. Not impossible, not a cakewalk, and when your raid gets more gear it'll get easier. I think people are just confused that after months of raiding Naxx they can't steamroll Ulduar, and don't have the patience to farm gear and progress where possible.

  2. That is also my view of things. We've gotten dull with Nax, it was slightly more difficult at the beginning (especially in 10-Man by the way), but was nerfed down (if it was really necessary) quickly and has been like a loot fest since then.
    I can understand that it is the right level of difficulty for some people, that have never raided before, and are learning to raid in this instance. That is fine, they are allowed to have raid fun too.
    But Ulduar was meant as the second step, it was meant to give us some challenge. And it has, for 2 weeks. Now that things get tuned down, the challenge is disappearing and Blizzard uses the hard modes as a "backup" saying challenge will be there.
    Now if you look at the hard modes, most of them are just dps runs, or whatever sort of gear checks. They are not' for most of them, harder or more interesting tactically, they are just requiring insane gear (and in case of the new version of Hodir hard mode ridiculous gear as Ensidia is saying after their recent down of it).

    So what do we have now ?
    Easy raid, non-challenging, which for me means non-interesting raid.
    Or ridiculous insane hard modes that don't bring you much more fun, and just loot ...

    I think Blizzard is thinking that all of us raid for the loot. If a lot of raiders do, it's not what brings some into raids, me among them. We want a challenge, we want to have fun, we want to do good and push ourselves a bit more to overcome some real difficulty.
    And Ulduar was promising that, a promise that is melting away ...

    The Ice is melting ... sigh.