Thursday, June 04, 2009

Patch 1.1.3 has hit.

So here is a new patch day.
One thing I should say is that, either the patches are small, or the Blizzard downloader is being much faster than before. I'm coming home late, so downloading this patch at high usage hours, and it stills goes fast (1.1.3 was dled and installed in a few minutes). Not a bad surprise after a day of work :)

You can read the complete patch notes on MMO Champion, here.

About the patch itself, it's mostly a PvP/Arena tuning patch for me (once again :p). Druids are upped a little more (armor increase for some defensive talents), Paladin's hand of freedom nerfed from 10 to 6s duration (I'm not even doing arenas anymore, tired of being nerfed each patch :p). Hunter and Warrior changes seem more PvE oriented, small ups to their damage, at least for the trees that are considered under-par (the hunters of my raid certainly don't need more damage compared to the other classes).

Yet the biggest impact for my raid is the DK armor nerf:
Frost Presence: Armor bonus is now 60% down from 80%.
We've seen a real difference in the amount of damage our DK tank is taking from Kologarn last night, not being armor capped anymore. Enough for us to switch him with the druid bear and leave him the Rock Elementals adds. Last week he was fine on Kolo, this week he is not anymore (taking like 14K, 15K hits in a row and dying when he does'nt parry/evade).

I don't know if you're raiding with a DK main tank ? I'd be happy to hear from people if they have seen such a difference in their survavibility.

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