Friday, December 04, 2009

Are you getting ready for Icecrown, moneywise?

Everyone are expecting patch 3.3 to hit the live servers next Tuesday (Wednesday in Europe). As such I guess all raiders are getting ready to jump in the new raid and have some fun with new bosses, a new instance, some welcome trash (trash gives deepness and atmosphere to a raid). We're all eager for some novelty, the end of the expansion is approaching and as such we've all maxed mostly all what we wanted, crafts, reputations, ... and most of us have too many lvl 80 to ever want to hear Barrens again before Cataclysm hits.

So the question is, what are you doing this week to be all ready to jump in Icecrown Citadel next Tuesday/Wednesday?
I made sure to have several stacks of Flasks in advance (about 20 to 30 / char), food in profusion, gems ready (at least uncut ones when I have a jeweler on the server), enchant mats stockpiled. And I'm not even trying to abuse the patch release market, I just prepared some stocks for myself, so that I don't have to pay an arm and a leg on the ah during the first week of the patch release.
As always with new major content patches, you can expect a big increase in the ah prices for a few days/weeks. Gems, enchants, glyphs, pots, food, everything needed for raiding and for new loots will be greatly needed.

What I'm a bit afraid of are the prices. They're already relatively high right now, despite the lower number of raiders (bored by the long wait for IC and the lackluster ToC). The only reason I see is the lower number of players in general farming the mats, due to ... the lower number of players as a whole.
And if prices are already high right now (like more than 50 gold for a single Frost Lotus) how high are they going to top in like one week after the patch release? Well, we'll see, even if I had to pay a good amount of money to stock my consumables, now I'm secured and I really encourage you all to do the same before next week :P

See you all in Icecrown!



  2. "Thank you" Anonymous for leaving a non commented link. I usually remove these ones without even thinking, the title of the link made me look into it before removing it this time.

    If you want to follow it, it links to an online comment of a "study" by some "professor" saying that the average gamer (in the US) is 35, overweight and depressed ... what a discovery ... and the average non gamer is 35 overweight and depressed.
    Please open your eyes, it is not a simple fact linked to gaming, our whole society is going towards overweight and depression, as it takes the human factor less and less into account and encourages everyone to play for themselves.

    As the "professor" said, "it confirms the hypothesis". Oh yes sure, and you were surely not biased into this analysis, let me laugh a good one and you can try to convince me in a century.
    I don't like these sort of studies that completely lack perspective, but I'll leave the link as a good example of what you should not believe :P