Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Icecrown Gating, Last Wing in 2 Weeks.

No surprise to everyone, it's official on the live servers, the Lich King will wait to eat your souls in 2 weeks (unless you defeat him of course :P). The official date is February 2nd (US) and February 3rd (EU). You can read the details, as usual, on your best source of live information about WoW, MMO-Champion.
The second wing opens today (yesterday on the US servers) with 2 new bosses: the Blood Princes and Blood Queen Lana'thel. A bunch of vampires, that seem easier than Putricide as the queen has already been downed, though this can be due to the guilds having 2 more weeks of itemization in icecrown. Explanations and information about the gating system and the combined pool of limited bosses attemps can be found on MMO-champion, here.

About my games lately I finally got Saurfang down in 10-Man, on both my paladin and ma discipline priest. I tried a bit Festergut with Syrïel, we managed to keep the tanks alive (with me and two other healers) on 2 attempts (we tried it 4 times), but our raid dps wasn't high enough to pass the enrage timer. It's tricky as the tank/heal team is kind of better in the 10-Man my priest is sometimes, but the dps are way higher in my horde guild :P
On a side note a discipline priest is incredibly effective on Saurfang to limit his blood power. We killed him with 0 mark in 10-Man once I figured that if I have the mana I should just shield everyone at all time to prevent as much blood-producing damage as I could. For the first time my priest went into icecrown she started with Saurfang and had a huge amount of fun, even with her limited gear (not even 230 medium ilevel).
The fight with Saurfang is really much more about control and reactivity than pure dps and/or stuff, which I happen to like. Festergut on the other hand is nearly the whole contrary.


  1. The casual guild I am in hopes to get to the 2nd wing this week, i am looking forward to my first fight with festergut (or failure)!

    I have to agree with you on the fun part with healing or bubbling in your case. So far these fights have been the funest (I know it’s not a word) I have had healing in a while!

  2. Thanks for the visit and good luck for your Festergut fights :)

    I must say I like Icecrown up to now, it's not that hard, but not as forgiving as edc. And Festergut surely isn't a pushover for lazy dps.

    My horde guild did down it last week in fact on Tuesday night, but I was not in that raid (we have several 10-Man groups).

    I'm awaiting to see Blood Queen Lana'thel and the Blood Princes, these fights look like a lot of fun too. We'll see how it goes.