Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Updates and blog asleep

Hello everyone,

I've not posted for a month, and will probably not post much more for the coming weeks. Real life is very busy right now. I'm in the process of moving to the US which, as you can imagine, is very time consuming to manage with work and all.

I've tried to continue raiding and helping my guildies, and I'm happy we're advancing. The introduction of the recent 5% buff seems to have been enough for us to down both Putricide and the Blood Council in 10 Man, and we've decided to move further into 25 Man by extending our schedule to two 25 Man raid nights a week. We hope that attendance will be enough for the guild to advance to the same point we have in 10 Man. Overall it's a nice progression since last November when we had a hard time having enough people once a week for a 25 Man. The guild is lively and I hope will stay like that once I'm not there anymore (this could sound a bit cocky but I was the gm after all).

I've been a bit surprised myself by how fast the "nerfing" of ICC started, considering not even one guild in the world had down the Lich King in hard mode (either 10 or 25) before its introduction. I would have liked for the original version to live a bit longer.

While I'm off from the internet, I advise you to read my fellow paladin bloggers, especially Rhidach on Righteous Defense, and Ophelie on The Bossy Pally that I both always enjoy to read.

Until next time, in some unknown future that I hope not to far.
Have fun :)
Shazalyn / Dreaming


  1. Grats on the kills!

    Best of luck with the move and I hope to hear from you again soon!

  2. Your posts are excellent, I especially like your pro tips on your "healing through" articles--so very helpful. Sometimes we readers take and take and forget to say thanks--thanks! And hope RL settles down.

  3. Thanks, it's always nice to see that some people can find some use to my random topics :P