Friday, November 05, 2010

Light of Dawn with more flashy flashy light ?

Two new builds hit the beta servers this week, I'm not going to detail everything but I want to notify you a change for one of the new spells we got with 4.0.1.
For detailed infos you can look at the build 13241 on MMO Champion.
Light of Dawn now uses Holy Power instead of Mana. Now heals up to 5 targets. No longer has a cooldown - Consumes all Holy Power to send a wave of healing energy before you, healing up to 5 of the most injured targets in your party or raid within a 30 yard frontal cone for 1008.96 to 1124.15 per charge of Holy Power.
What does that changes do? Both a buff and a nerf.
No more cooldown is a buff, even if dependent on Holy Power, getting 3 stacks of HP is usually much faster than waiting 30s.
It can now only heal 5 targets, whatever the positioning of your raid. This is clearly intended as a 25-Man raid healing nerf, you will never get more than 5 people in your "aoe cone" in a 10-Man. Blizzard is nerfing most aoe healing recently, especially the paladins which seemed to do too much of their raid healing via aoes (that's a change ...) no surprise LoD finally got the shaft too.

All in all I think that it's an interesting change, at least for 10-Man raiders which will not suffer from the nerf.
Now ... Light of Dawn is a crappy situational heal as it is right now on live. Will it be strong enough with a 3 Holy Power stack to justify its use is to be verified once these changes are live.

Up to now, most paladins are just playing with their "disco ball" and getting silly giggles on vent for using it, it's pimp, it's flashy, it's also near from useless in 10-Man where you will rarely heal even only 3 people with it (but for Festergut perhaps, if you're a lucky healer and sticking to the melee range, usually not the case of a paladin in hard mode).
We'll see what it will be.


  1. Hi Dreaming!

    I love this change, and hate it equally. I'm going to miss the 30sLoD, but I think we really needed another healing HoPo spell.
    I read somewhere that the new LoD heals like 8k each target, when WoG heals like 12k...that's very powerful!. The mastery proc with it? It will be a very low overhealing ability, and with the mastery proc this will be better than the WoG in most scenarios. And with the glyph for six targets...

    Just some doubts about it:
    - It will proc the mastery? Its a aoe, and they said about erasing the mastery proc of them.
    - There's going to be some Eternal Glory love for it? It would be awesome!

  2. Hi Ark

    Thank you for these very interesting inputs. I have no answers to these as of now, I'm not into the beta and hence will have to wait for them to come live, if they do (could be changed back or modified).

    Considering Bliz devs are trying to limit aoe healing, I'm pretty sure that our mastery won't proc and that Eternal Glory won't apply to LoD. And I would agree that it'd be overpowered, if the new LoD isn't as crappy as the one we have right now.

    We'll see when we have more inputs but that could be interesting.

  3. In beta, Light of Dawn will currently heal up to 6 six players (glyphed, and always 50% of that with the beacon) for 8k – 9k at 3 stacks of Holy Power (averaging 12-14k for a critical heal). It will also proc the mastery shield. It's actually really nifty.

    I'm a fan because it is another way to use our Holy Power. Choice is a good thing! It heals for much more than the old, unlimited Light of Dawn (which was only about 3.5-5k on a single target even at 6k spellpower).

    Eternal Glory does not affect Light of Dawn. I'm curious to see what changes the spell will see before it goes live.

    This is a step in the right direction for raid healing Paladins.

  4. Thanks a lot for his inputs from the beta. I gives me hopes, we'd all be pleased to have more inputs when you have them :)

    I agree with you, more uses for Holy Power is a nice thing.