Monday, August 10, 2009

Heroics all day long, is that all what you do?

I like WotLK heroic dungeons, much more than I liked BC ones. They're difficulty level is good, and you can start them after a bit of gearing at 80 to get your first ilvel 200 blues (and purples if you're lucky) and start raiding. Add a few crafts & pvp into the mix and you'll be raid set in no time. In BC heroics were hard, sometimes too hard to be done before being nearly fully epic'ed from Karazhan. That was defeating their purpose and Blizzard adjusted that right in LK.
Ok, so I love heroics. But I don't like the badge change of patch 3.2 ... why? It has sent everyone (and their 3 years old sister) into heroics again! So why would I be upset of it?
The reason is simple: we nearly don't raid anymore. People don't see any interest into going in a raid to wipe a few times (at least) during the night and down at most 5 bosses (if we're lucky as it's harder and harder to get people to play, even more good people) for 10 badges and a chance to get one epic. During that same time they could run at least 5 heroics, with no wipe, no repair bill, no flasks to buy, two times the number of badges and 3 triumph ones through quests.
I'm sad, I hate it, but I can understand them ... raiding has just lost most of its gearing interest, at least until players will have all got their 2 pieces of T9 and all they can get with emblems of conquest.
If you add the fact that doing an heroic in T7.25 full gear is just way too easy and boring ... I'm not really enjoying the game these days :(
It's rerolling time, again.

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