Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Patch 3.2 is here

So today (or yesterday if you're on the US servers) is patch day for patch 3.2.
I've not talked a lot about this patch before, but for the big holy paladin changes that it contains. Even if I'm not a fanboy of these changes, this patch contains much much more than classes fixes & balance. You can find everything, from new heirloom items to the new instances, as always, on MMO Champion Ptach 3.2 page.
The addition to the game of the body armor heirloom items, with their 10% xp bonus stacking with the already existing shoulders, and the changes for the mounts (normal at level 40, epic land at 40, flying mount at 60 and potentially northern flying at 68) are huge opportunities and incitations to reroll. I will try to offer a small guide for people wanting to reroll a paladin and level quickly to reach the raid level at 80.
But this patch also contains big changes for the end game, a new 5 man instance: Trial of the Champion, a new battleground: Isle of Conquest, a new raid with Tier 9 armors.
If you add to that druid animal form changes, class changes, epic gems, profession changes ... you get a huge patch even not containing a raid the size of Ulduar.

It will not surprise you that I would have prefered this aptch to hit in september, giving is one more month to finish Ulduar as I have yet to see the death of little yoggy for myself :P
But it is still a lot of content and new opportunities to revive a game sometimes becoming a bit boring. Wich is probably a good thing as september will see the dawn of yet another big mmo known by the name of Aion.

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