Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bugs & Blogs & Misc

Just an update slash news post today.

As you all know we had a bug patch on live today (or yesterday if you're a US player). The description is on MMO champion (as all other sorts of goodness about Cataclysm that I won't cover), I'm just putting the bug fixes here:
  • Using a "/cast!" command no longer disconnects players.
  • Mousing over objects that generate a cogwheel should no longer cause the client to freeze or disconnect.
  • Guild Tabards should no longer display on characters not actually wearing the Guild Tabard.
  • Floating combat text should always appear.
  • NPC Health Bars/Nameplates are now appearing correctly.
If you still experience some bugs, like the very bothering ground spell effect texture one (try to raid Hallion when half your raid can't see the fire/shadow patches on the ground and you'll discover a new meaning for crazy), I'd advise you to go read Zinn's blog, which covers all the bugs I've encountered and gives some fixes to most of them.

On another note you have perhaps read my ranty post about the state of pally healing at the moment. Also a bit ranty but very interesting and informative is a post from Tarinae on her blog: A Healadin's Tear. You should go check out that blog, good things to read there.

That's all for today, short post, I'm still working on number analysis about holy at 85 using raid logs and videos from the beta (a bit postponed by Blizzcon), and on Word of Glory healing per stack of holy power at low level / high level / high gear level. I'll post that probably later this week.

As always, have fun, and if healing as a paladin isn't fun right now well, try leveling a rogue, they just destroy everything in bgs right now :P


  1. Thank you for the link dear <3

    Random Comment #1

    I have to say that I have been leveling a shadow priest as a way to experience and say good-bye to the content and WHOA I was pwning faces off in WSG. I broke my personal killing blows record at 23! Amazing!

    Relevant Comment

    I am glad to see some of the bugs were fixed but I still seem to have some trouble inspecting people and I have a hard time getting my buffs to NOT BE consolidated. I hate that part of the UI and it keeps coming back to haunt me.

  2. You're welcome, when I see something good why not share :P

    My healy shamy is now 74, should reach 80 before cataclysm and I'm more and more leaning towards her. The recent nerf to Holy Radiance with a buff to our direct heals strangely affecting only the base heal part is not encouraging to me.
    On the other hand I could go ret, parsing seem to be good enough for ret pallies but I'm a healer before all ...
    We shall see in a few weeks.

    About the bugs the inspection seem fixed to me, but we still have these crazy grave bugs during raiding that are more than annoying when doing HM content and wiping a ton.