Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What is this all about ?

A few words about what will be here. I'm an mmo player for about 5 years now, mostly playing World of Warcraft since something like the summer of year 2005. After a long time in FFXI, and dabling here and there with Star Wars, Everquest, Dofus, and more recently Warhammer.

My main is now Shazalyn, a blood elf holy paladin on the Dalaran EU server in the Skyre Hordalis guild. That makes me mostly interested in healing since Wrath of the Lich King. Though I was protection during Burning Crusade with the same character
I also played a gnome mage and draneï priest to 70 before her in early BC, and an undead warlock to 60 pre-BC.

I'm also playing a bit on the US side, in a wonderful guild called Epid Dolls (yes, the podcast guild ^^). Though my time is limited having a full time job and already being an officer of my EU guild; I try from time to time to level Dreaming, my small priest there, to enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the guild.

Just because I like them, and have spent so much time with them, here are my main characters (I don't even want to know why my WoW account don't let met create new ones now ... perhaps because of the total 50 characters & alts I have).

Shazalyn, 80 blood elf paladin
Titcouette, 70 gnome mage
Syrïel, 70 draneï priest
Sangdelune, 70 blood elf rogue
Dreaming, 33 undead priest

I hope the random thoughts that will happen here could be of interest or amuse some of you ^^

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