Thursday, February 26, 2009

What's up with Warhammer Online ?

A short rant about a "could have been great" game.
I've played Warhammer Online from the Open Beta (a disaster in Europe, thank you Goa & Orange) to early January. And I've not touched it again since.

The idea of a real open warfare online mmo appealed to me. At first it was great, despite the numerous bugs, server queues and the like. But these were expected as for any new and awaited mmo.

After a month, I was in the start of the 4th tier (lvl30+) as most of the players of my guild (several were already 40, the level cap). And then things "started" to get bad. Most big squirmishes were laggy, the battlegrounds on tier 4 were so slow that they were unplayable, and the dominance of lvl 40 characters in bgs was supreme (they did not implement 40th only bgs).

We built up to 40 (I was playing a Sorceress, glass cannon as they say, and you do learn the meaning of glass in this game), we recruited, we warfared in our Open RvR server, we took keeps, we assaulted the order capital ...
And that was it, nothing else, nothing new, the RvR gear at lvl 40/40 is even not on par with the "PvE" gear that you get in these super buggy and lame HL dungeons ... sad sad brick wall.

A game released too early, and clearly not finished. They've lost half of their customers, me included. That does not mean I won't go back there, but this game needs some serious upgrade to make me go back. That was sad, as it has so much potential.

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