Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WotLK and raid difficulty

That comment is linked to the small poll to the side of the page. This is a very controversial topic at the moment in World of Warcraft since the last expension (Wrath of the Lich King) is out in mid-november of 2008.

The "problem" is relatively simple. If in previous WoW raid content was often too hard at first and tuned down afterwards, WotLK raid content is really easy. The most of the content is a rebuild of Naxxramas (an old raid 40 instance from original WoW), I won't even talk about the "single boss" raids that are so short (even if in the end Malygos and Sartharion + drakes are the only providing a bit of challenge).

So, aside from not providing much novelty, Naxramass is a really easy raid dungeon. It can be done with 10 (normal) or 25 (heroic) people. The best guilds cleared it in a few days, most of the good guilds before december. And now every guild with some people and motivation has finished all of it, in both versions, after at most 3 months, taking into account the levelling time.

Not even talking of casual vs. hardcore players, nearly everyone has finished the content now, and is just waiting for more ...
From my points of view, the worse was that the "heroic" (25 men) version of Naxramass was even easier than the normal (10 men) version ... beside from two bosses (The 4 Horsemen, and Patchwerk) everything is easier in 25 men, and only Kel'Thuzad himself is slightly different.
Having struggled a little and downed Grobbulus 10 men before the fix of the move/spit bug, I've really been sad when my guild moved to the 25 men version of Nax. As a healer, Nax25 is a nearly zero challenge compared to Nax10 with 2 healers.

So well, these are only my thoughts, but I fear a lot of people are thinking the same. Feel free to comment ^^

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