Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Icecrown Citadel raid loot for Holy Paladins

From a Holy Paladin view, what will be hot loot in Icecrown Citadel Raid ? That's the question I'm trying to answer here, starting with a list of all armor (plate only) & other items from the raid loot tables we have.
Discussion will come in later once we have more loot from the PTR.

That's a first compilation of Icecrown Citadel raid loot, taken from the PTR data you can get on MMO Champion loot post from November 20th, updated on Nov 26th.

10-Man (ilevel 251)
Sword Frost Needle marrowgar-10 -- hit/haste
Plate Feet Ancient Skeletal Boots marrowgar-10 -- crit/mp5
Plate Hands Festergut's Gaseous Gloves festergut-10 -- crit/mp5
Plate Wrist Bracers of Pale Illumination gunship-10 -- haste/mp5
Plate Legs Corrupted Silverplate Leggings marrowgar-10 -- crit/haste
Plate Shoulder Emerald Saint's Spaulders valithria-10 -- crit/mp5
Finger Signet of Putrefaction festergut-10 -- haste/mp5
Neck Soulcleave Pendant saurfang-10 -- crit/haste
Trinket Sliver of Pure Ice -- spell power, mana regen

10-Man hard (ilevel 264)
Plate Wrist Bracers of Pale Illumination gunship-10-hard -- haste/mp5
Finger Signet of Putrefaction festergut-10-hard -- haste/mp5
Neck Soulcleave Pendant saurfang-10-hard --

25-Man (ilevel 264)
Mace Trauma rotface-25
Shield Bulwark of Smouldering Steel marrowgar-25 -- crit/haste
Plate Head Faceplate of the Forgotten festergut-25 -- crit/mp5
Plate Shoulder Rusted Bonespike Pauldrons marrowgar-25 -- crit/mp5
Plate Waist Waistband of Righteous Fury gunship-25 -- crit/mp5
Plate Chest Rot-Resistant Breastplate rotface-25 -- crit/haste
Plate Waist Belt of the Lonely Noble trash-25 -- crit/haste
Plate Wrist Crypt Keeper's Bracers bloodprinces-25 -- crit/haste
Plate Feet Boots of the Funeral March -- crit/mp5
Plate Hands Fallen Lord's Handguards deathwhisper-25 -- crit/haste
Finger Ring of Rapid Ascent gunship-25 -- crit/haste
Finger Marrowgar's Frigid Eye marrowgar-25 -- haste/mp5
Neck Holiday's Grace festergut-25 -- crit/mp5
Neck Bone Sentinel's Amulet marrowgar-25 -- haste/spirit
Trinket Althor's Abacus gunship-25 -- spell power additional heal

25-Man hard (ilevel 277)
Plate Waist Waistband of Righteous Fury gunship-25-hard -- crit/mp5
Finger Ring of Rapid Ascent gunship-25-hard -- crit/haste
Trinket Althor's Abacus gunship-25-hard -- spell power additional heal

Emblems (ilevel 264)
Plate Chest Chestplate of Unspoken Truths -- crit/mp5
Plate Hands Gauntlets of Overexposure -- crit/haste
Plate Waist Lich Killer's Lanyard -- crit/haste
Cloak Drape of the Violet Tower -- crit/mp5
Cloak Volde's Cloak of the Night Sky -- crit/spirit
Trinket Purified Lunar Dust -- spell power, mana regen
Libram Holy Libram of Blinding Light

As a first rough analysis you can just take into account basic Holy Paladin facts, spirit is nearly useless for us, hit is marginally useful, mp5 is a useful but weak stat, crit and haste are good (and obviously int and spell power but all the items above have them :P).
This time I chose to order the items by 10-Man, 25-Man and hard (heroic) rather than by slot. I think it's easier for people to see quickly what they can have access to depending on their guild raids. On a common basis heroic items are remake with better stats of the non heroic items and 25-Man is half a tier better than 10-Man as always.
Hence mp5 is a plus, crit and haste are big pluses on an item. More in deapth analysis once we have more boss loot.

Last Update Nov. 26th


  1. Wheeee! So it looks like I have a bracer and two rings to choose from so far!

  2. WAIT a second, did you say mp5 is a weak stat but CRIT and haste are good? Crit is not a plus on any item-- didn't you get the memo ala illumination nerf? While crit isn't horrible it is not ideal itemization and mp5 surpasses it for mana regen. Also, why are you even listing items with spirit for that matter?

  3. Hi Christopher,
    I'll try to answer your questions.

    First the easy one about the spirit (you could include the sword with spell hit too). Sometimes you don't get the gear you'd like, because it doesn't drop. And sometimes too there is none in your raid interested by this item with spirit on it, and it could be an upgrade for you despite the spirit/hit on it. Would you just let it go to dez ? I don't, that's why I currently have the Onyxia +spell hit blade on my paladin, and that's why I'm listing these items.

    Now about mp5. Do you have mana regen problems in raids? I don't, unless I have no replenishment or I am trying to do hard content and have to spam Holy Light. So for me mp5 is not useless but don't do much I couldn't do by using Divine Plea more often (probably using it 1/3 of the time right now). Hence crit, which is a regen stat despite the nerf of illumination, but also a hps stat as your crit heals hit much stronger than your regular once (and synergy with Holy shock and ... etc) is fmpov superior to mp5 without any doubt.

    So yes, I will list +hit or +spirit items in case you get one, and I still consider crit better than mp5, as I do haste (until you hit the soft haste cap).
    Mostly you can only get crit or haste or mp5 on an "ideal" paladin item and my choice is haste (until soft caped) > crit (until 50% raid buffed) > mp5.
    These are just my views, but I do experience them nearly everyday in raiding.

  4. I can understand the spirit/ hit items.

    However, I don't agree with crit. I don't regard it as a thoughoutput stat that's really worth very much.

    It sounds like you might use more flash of light than me though as their is no haste cap on holy light that anyone can get close to with gear in the game. Haste will always be a better throughoutput stat because crit is not reliable and I could really care less if holy shock crits or not (hps loss to use it for either holy light and not necessary for flash of light).

    For me crit is definitely the last thing I want. I don't mind it, and I'm sure it increases my hps a little bit but not as much as being able to cast more holy lights would if I had more mana regen, which mp5 is better at providing.

  5. Thanks for your answer, it makes much more sense to me now. I'm so used to play one way that I forget that some other people just play differently.
    When I started raiding Naxx, I was on a Flash of Light build, with increased gear I switched to late Naxx / early Ulduar to a Holy Light build, and after a rather long break during the summer I'm now back to a Flash of Light one.
    Hence my love for crit, and despite for mp5, I very rarely starts spamming Holy Light again (Anub phase3 perhaps).
    Now, with a Holy Light build, crit is less important, and mp5 for a steady regen is probably better as you say.
    There are several articles about these two different builds that both seem to be used today, mostly depending on your access to gear and time spent on hard modes.
    I still love my crit, but if I switch back to Holy Light for Icecrown, that could change.

  6. Hey guys, i was just afer a piece of advice, now ive been playing a pally for a few years now, so i have the ins and outs of healing. But im wondering if i should sub my 84int trinket for 54mp5 use 409sp. I have about 31.3k mana ub and raid icc10 and occasionally 25. heres my armory please let me know, btw i range from holy light to flash and shock during raids i dont stick with the one heal :P

  7. Alex. Felixz.3/09/2010 5:15 PM

    Volde's Cape of Night Sky has EXACTLY the same stats except spirit instead of MP5 right? But the 60 spirit for a holy paladin gives more MP5 than Drape of the Violet Tower.. Making Volde's Cape of Night Sky the best choice over Drape of the Violet Tower always.

  8. "Alex. Felixz. said...

    Volde's Cape of Night Sky has EXACTLY the same stats except spirit instead of MP5 right? But the 60 spirit for a holy paladin gives more MP5 than Drape of the Violet Tower.. Making Volde's Cape of Night Sky the best choice over Drape of the Violet Tower always."

    Since when does a Holy Pally pick spirit over MP5?

  9. Up to now mp5 was always superior to spirit for Holy paladins, unless spirit was in a vastly major quantity.
    This will change once Cataclysm and patch 4.0.1 hit though.