Wednesday, November 04, 2009

New Lay on Hands & PTR build 10747

Patch 3.3 - PTR Build 10747 has hit on the Test Realms as you can read on this link to MMO-Champion news.
You can read the details from the Blues here. For us about the latest news that I talked about on October 28th, little remains from the first wave. Were they too quick to announce untested changes ? Were we vocal enough to make them reconsider ? I don't know, but the big nerf of Sacred Shield has been changed to a removal of the Flash of Light combined hot effect (that is now limited to deep Holy), and Lay on Hands is still usable on yourself, even if it now shares a CD with our other big lifesaver tools (so it only hurts pvp mostly).

The last changes that I discussed are now these on the last build:
  • Flash of Light no longer heals for an additional 100% over 12 sec if the target has the Sacred Shield effect.
  • Lay on Hands is now affected by Forbearance and can now be cast on self again - Heals a friendly target for an amount equal to the Paladin's maximum health and restores 1950 of their mana. Once healed, the target cannot be targeted by Divine Shield, Divine Protection, Hand of Protection, or Lay on Hands again for 2 min.
  • Infusion of Light now causes your Flash of Light to heal the target for an additional 50/100% over 12 sec.

I have no problem with the change to the hot effect, and very little with the slight nerf of Lay on Hands. They will nearly only affect ret pvp builds that, according to Blizzard, were too strong on the survivability side. As you know I'm a big PvE fan, for me WoW is a bad PvP game and other games around are much better suited for PvP (Warhammer or Aion anyone ?) so I don't PvP in WoW or very little. Hence yes, I'm pretty happy with this reversal.

My first Icecrown review later this week. Have fun and thank you for reading.


  1. I have to disagree with this statement:

    "They will nearly only affect ret pvp builds"

    As a healing paladin, I'm now going to be able to continue to use LoH as an OH SH*T button for any other tanking class *except* Paladins without locking out any of ~their~ OH SH*T buttons. I use this on a tanking Pally, and they can't use Divine Shield. I use this on a Warrior, they can still use Shield Wall. How is this fair?


  2. Thank you for your comment. That was one of the reasons for the "nearly" in my sentence :)

    But if I can understand your concern as a healer, that I do agree with, seeing how many times I used LoH as a life saver, I'm more concerned about Protection Paladins themselves than about us healing them.
    A protection paladin has very few "hot sh*t" buttons, one being Divine Shield, the other being Lay on Hands (and eventually glyphed Hand of Salvation but that's cutting hair). With this change to LoH their two life saving abilities are now on a linked 2mn cooldown which is way too long for a lot of bosses (for example in the Mimiron encounter).
    You also have to think about using your LoH on a palatank now, because you will prevent his DS for 2mn, but also *his* LoH which is at least twice as strong as our own ...

    It is clearly a nerf to LoH, but I do prefer that to seeing Protection Paladins completely losing one of their so few life saving cooldowns as it was in the first version of the nerf.

    note : As a new cause for Forbearance, and another ability limited by it, all Paladins should be more cautious to use Avenging Wrath too.

  3. And this was changed again, see:
    LoH used by a deep Holy paladin won't cause forbearance.

  4. Yep, saw the latest update on MMO, glad to see that the developers have modified this. I don't mind that pally tanks can't LoH themselves, it frankly wasn't really fair they could do this and other tanks couldn't.