Friday, November 13, 2009

Patch 3.3 Item Avalanche, Holy Paladin view

So I wrote yesterday about the beginning of Icecrown Itemization on MMO Champion, guess what ? There are a lot of news today, cheers to Boubouille !
  • Page 1: 5-Man loot table, normal & heroic, and Quel'Delar
  • Page 2: Emblems of Frost Badge Rewards
  • Page 3: Icecrown Citadel raid loot, 10 & 25-Man, and Tier 10 Armor sets (not many of them yet), and Ashen Verdict Reputation Rings rewards
If that's enough to make you drool, I don't know what you want. From what I've seen most items are pretty nice considering stats, we're back to the great stats allocation of Nax with ilevel 251+ items.

Just looking at the 5-Man stuff already makes me happy, there is nearly a full tanking set of ilevel 219-232 there, perfect to gear a new tank and bring him into IC 10. Also nice for my lazy ass that can't cope with raiding enough to itemize my 3 healers, especially with my loot habit :P

Now let us give a look to the Ashen Verdict rings. Healers will go for the crit/mp5 ring (Ashen Band of Wisdom) for sure, the other one having hit. But I'd have loved a haste ring, with the changes from my T7.25 (I still was using it until we started ToC 10 Hard ...) to a T8-9 combo I went from about 600 to 400 haste and I don't like that >.< But I should not complain, seeing this ring Signet of Putrefaction in Icecrown 10-Man ...

About the Emblems of Frost rewards ?
Nothing else to say, grab them ! (We'll have to wait for the tier10 to decide about the gauntlet but a haste/crit item makes me jump in my chair).

I won't start looking at the Icecrown Citadel items right now, we don't have enough of them yet and there are still some confusions between the normal and heroic mode loot. But expect a review early next week. Still I want to see my Blood Elf with that shield.


  1. Does blizzard think holy paladins want crit still? What is with all the crit items?

    That shield looks ridiculous! It looks like it belongs in a haunted house. It's a little bit too much on the nose.

    Still I'm picking up Lens of the Eye despite it's stat allocation!

  2. Well I still want crit. Despite the drop of Illumination, crit still provides us with some mana regen, it greatly increases your hps and has a nice synergy with Holy Shock. I like crit, as much as haste, and I'm not happy if I'm not at more than 40% buffed.

    If you look deeper, Holy Paladin only need spell power, int, crit and haste (and mp5 in a smaller margin). It's not a lot of stats to allocate, and in a "pick 2 among 3" you have to chose between crit/haste/mp5 on a Holy Paladin item (int & spell power are a must have).

    Oh and the shield is "fallen blood elves" style :P And they look gorgeous (XD) even if a little too goth.