Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Heroic Twilight Duo, the return

Back on the topic of heroic (25-Man) Sartharion with 2 drakes.

We went back on him with my guild last night, and we had a much nicer event this time. He went down after 3 tries, the time needed to get in the mood and for the ones not here last week to grasp the fight, I guess.
But it was not the only reason! Last week we went there with 8 healers, good to stay alive, not good on the burst dps side, needed in this fight. Last night we had only 6 (and even 5 on the last successful attempt) healers, 3 tanks, and 16 dps. And I can tell you it was nicer.

What I wanted to tell here is that sometimes, being a paladin feels great. We were both of the guild paladins (we're only two healadins in my guild) on our bear MT last evening (we use a bear for Sartharion, and a real MT, not a Voidwalker ;P). At least we were, until my brother in healing stopped because he was dc'ed each 2mn (he was having connection issues last night).
So ... I ended solo healing our MT during most of the fight. Our heal leader and raid leader helped me a few times during some transitions when moving was giving me a hard time (I hate these lava waves and I'm so jealous of druids for that kind of ability to move & heal). But I ended keeping our MT alive during all the fight until the end (I died in the last lava wave, bubble being on cd and keeping the MT up being a priority on my own survival ;p).
Ok, used Divine Plea for 6K mana once the two drakes were down and two healers came to help, used my jeweler trinket for 2.4K mana, a potion for 3K, blood-elf mana tap 4 times for 1.5K each ... and I ended nearly dry when the second drake fell and I got some help ... but still, it was a good healing time :D
And you see, for once, I didn't end with 60% overhealing :P

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