Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ulduar Holy Paladin loot update *04/28*

Ulduar cleaning by the top guilds is giving us more loot, we should not be far from the complete loot table for Ulduar, but for Algalon that will require a bit more time.
As always, the Full Ulduar Holy Paladin Loot List will be updated, I'll post a new clean one once Ulduar loot is complete.
Until then, new loot is here, most of the items are from hard modes:

Cable of the Metrognome (Plate Waist - Spell haste MP5) - Mimiron 10-Man *new 04/28*
Faceguard of the Eyeless Horror (Plate Head - Spell crit MP5) - Yogg-Saron 10-Man *new 04/28*
Pendant of the Shallow Grave (Neck - Spell crit haste) - Thorim 10-Man hard *new 04/28*
Sif's Remembrance (Trinket - Spell power, mana regen) - Thorim 10-Man hard *new 04/28*
Shawl of Haunted Memories (Cloak - Spell crit + spirit) - Yogg-Saron 25-Man *new 04/28*
Sanity's Bond (Ring - Spell haste MP5) - Yogg-Saron 25-Man *new 04/28*
Gauntlets of the Thunder God (Plate Hands - Spell crit haste) - Thorim 10-Man hard *new 04/28*
Sapphire Amulet of Renewal (Neck - Spell haste + spirit) - Iron Council 25-Man hard *new 04/28*
Fire Orchid Signet (Ring - Spell haste MP5) - Freya 10-Man hard *new 04/28*
Conductive Seal (Ring - Spell haste + spirit) - Mimiron 25-Man hard *new 04/28*
Show of Faith (Trinket - Spell power, mana regen) - Yogg-Saron 25-Man hard *new 04/28* (basically a good upgrade of Sif's Remembrance)
Aesuga, Hand of the Ardent Champion (1H Mace - Spell crit haste) - General Vezax 10-Man hard *new 04/28*
Signet of Soft Lament (Ring - Spell crit + spirit) - Yogg-Saron 10-Man *new 04/28*

and finally
Val'anyr, Hammer of the Ancient Kings, for those who don't know yet, it is the legendary weapon of Ulduar that you forge by using 40 shards.

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