Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ulduar doors open, rejoice !

So Ulduar is finally here, we did wait, we did get bored, we nearly despaired, but it's here. So let's rejoice and hope we'll all have a great time in Ulduar.
Official announce by Zarhim, here.

Complete preview of patch 3.1 on MMO Champion, with Ulduar bosses guide, Argent Tournament, complete patch-notes, profession changes, and much more ...
I'm plugging directly the complete Ulduar guide, and the full instance maps. For all of us that are going to prepare for our first Ulduar raids. (all from MMO Champion, thanks Boubouille !)

Another great info from StratFU, the Ulduar interactive map. Though not alaways very clear about the "layers" of Ulduar, it shows the connections between the maps and which boss is where.

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