Friday, April 17, 2009

Ulduar paladin loot update *04/17*

So Ulduar is live, and Guilds have started cleaning it on 10 and 25-Man. As expected new loot appears and I'm going to try to keep the Full Ulduar Holy Paladin Loot List updated. For me there is only one clear change to best in slot list, Thorim 25-Man hard mode shield which is just perfect for paladins.

New loot today :

Wisdom's Hold (Shield - Spell crit haste) - Thorim 25-Man hard *new 04/17*
Shawl of Haunted Memories (Cloak - Spell crit spirit) - Yogg-Saron 25-Man *new 04/17*
Shawl of the Caretaker (Cloak - Spell haste MP5) - 10-Man *new 04/17*
Unfaltering Armguards (Plate Bracers - Spell haste MP5) - Kologran 25-Man *new 04/17*
Legplates of Flourishing Resolve (Plate Legs - Spell crit MP5) - Freya 10-Man *new 04/17*
Pendant of Endless Despair (Neck - Spell crit MP5) - General Vezax 10-Man *new 04/17*

Good loot time to you all :P

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