Monday, April 06, 2009

Why do I still play WoW ?

Because sometimes there are some people that really make my day shine.
I invite you to read this post from Larìsa, one of the nicest gnomes on the blogosphere, and host of the Pink Pigtail Inn.

I have shared a part of the life of some really nice people already during my now nearly 3 years of WoW. Some of them I dare to call friends, and who will leave something in my heart that I won't ever lose.

Ok, I'm not often saying things like that on this blog. But this post will be for all the good and nice people of World of Warcraft, that contribute to make this game a better place to be for all of us.

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  1. Right before heading off for my vacation I found this link love. Thank you!

    And yes, the friendship you find ingame as well as in the Blogosphere is amazing and means a lot to me. I can't really explain it to anyone outside of it, I don't think they'd understand. But for me the community really is like an extra guild or an extra family. OFC there are a few annoying people you meet in the game. But then there are those jewels which shines right into your heart and that means so much more.