Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Patch 3.1 is aliiiiive, it's aliiiive ! (take care, first bugs)

It's coming in Europe today (soon, soon). It's alive on the US servers already and the patch build is 9767 (Release). For those that remember the latest build on the PTR, discussed here on april 7, it was the version 9757. So not much was changed, we already knew that Yog-Saron and Algalon were part of the latest PTR build. We can amuse most bosses will be exactly as they were in this last build, so raiders, all information you could have found before up-to-date with build 9757 should be pretty accurate.

It seems a few bugs are still plagging Ulduar, list here on World of Raids. For those that are raiding/are going to raid Ulduar, take care to :
Siege Engines that use Steam Rush while on a ramp sometimes fall through the world.
We currently have no fix for this, the workaround is simply to not cast Steam Rush on the ramps. The ability works fine in the Flame Leviathan fight and other flat ground.

The two trash pulls in front of XT-002 Deconstructor are linked.
We're working on a hotfix for this now.

Shattering an Iron Construct in the Ignis the Furnace Master encounter does not properly reduce the number of stacks of Strength of the Creator on Ignis.
We're also working on a hotfix for this now.
More info on Ignis & XT-002 on World of Raids too:
Both Ignis the Furnace Master, and the trash leading to XT-002 Deconstructor seem to be bugged. Ignis should still be killable, but you have to kill the Iron Constructs instead of turning them into Molten Constructs if you want to remove Strength of the Creator. XT-002's trash, on the other hand, is currently unkillable in all conventionally tested methods -- though apparently you can get lucky while fighting him as long as no bots spawn near the trash during the heart phases.
Some US guilds have already passed Auriaya despite these bugs, so if you really want to rush Ulduar you should be able to. Personally I hope my guild will take its time and have fun. We're set with only this content for several months after all, and I'm not really eager to experience the not so fun period we just had with nothing to do on our hands.

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