Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Kil'jaeden is a sweet baby !

Ok, ridiculous title, I give it to you ...
But how sweet is finishing Sunwell for the first time :)

As I posted before, my guild started a Suwnell raid last Sunday. We went up to Mu'ru but stopped there, after 4 wipes, not enough motivation, too many pick-up players that just get tired after something like 10 wipes, which is what we suffered on Felmyst and Mu'ru :P
So last night, after our second down of heroic Sartharion + 2 drakes up (yay \o/ only 3 tries this time, and we only had 5 healers ... tell me about a different raid from last week), we went to finish the Sunwell raid with, this time, a nearly full guild raid group.

I guess all the players that were not in the Sunday raid were surprised by the difficulty, by the damage of the bosses and adds. We had a DK heartstone to get his tanking gear as he couldn't tank adds in his lvl 80 dps gear ... it tells you about the difficulty at lvl 70.

We needed our priests to get used to Mu'ru, after 3 tries he went down nicely, despite the number of bodies on the ground :P
And then we were at the very Sunwell itself. Nobody really knew the fight, even if one of our guildies had tried it 2 times during TBC (oh man, some of our guildies are just that good ... I'm so impressed).

I don't want to spoil, but this is just an awesome fight. From my point of view, it's longer, and a bit more chaotic than Mu'ru, but it's overall easier with lvl 80 gear. We died two times until we got the blue dragon shield right, and then he fell. Huge ! Great ! I love Sunwell :)

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