Friday, March 20, 2009

Ulduar *Holy Paladin full loot list* compilation

(updated 04/28 - added several new items from hard modes and Yogg-Saron first kills, a few changes to best in slot)
(updated 04/17 - added new live loot, new best in slot shield to replace KT25)

I'll start be restating the net change from full T7 to full T8 that was nicely detailed on Banana Shoudlers:
+46 Stam, +41 Int, +39 mp5, +203 Armor, -45 Crit, +46 Haste, +72 Spellpower, plus a change in gemming (1 red & 1 yellow going to 2 blues).

As I've stated before, these changes are just bad for us, and if you add them to set bonuses that are worse than T7, I expect T8 to not be used much. So then, what replacement could you find if you're not full T7, or if you want to change a few pieces?

The answer is given by analysing the Ulduar loot available to us.
note: All slots have not been discovered yet, every boss in Ulduar drops a healing plate item, either in 10-Man or 25-Man and the list don't have them yet. I'll try to update this list with upcoming loot.

Ulduar Holy Paladin loot:
(I won't cheat and only target plate armor, no mail, no leather, no cloth !)

Breastplate of the Afterlife (Plate Chest - Spell MP5) - 10-Man
Eye of the Broodmother (Trinket - Spell crit)
Guiding Star (1H Mace - Spell Haste MP5) - 25-Man
Razorscale Shoulderguards (Plate Shoulders - Spell Haste MP5) - Razorscale-25
Pulsing Spellshield (Shield - Spell crit haste) - 10-Man
Armbands of the Construct (Plate Bracers - Spell crit MP5) - 10-Man
Breastplate of the Devoted (Plate Chest - Spell) - 25-Man-Hard
Charm of Meticulous Timing (Neck - Spell Haste MP5)
Horologist's Wristguards (Plate Bracers - Spell crit MP5)
Pauldrons of Tempered Will (Plate Shoulders - Spell crit haste) - 10-Man
Lifeforge Breastplate (Plate Chest - Spell crit MP5) - 25-Man
Pyrelight Circle (Ring - Spell crit haste) - 25-Man
Belt of Clinging Hope (Plate Waist - Spell haste MP5) - 25-Man
Bracers of Righteous Reformation (Plate Bracers - Spell haste MP5) - 10-Man *new 03/25*
Cloak of the Dormant Blaze (Cloak - Spell crit mp5) - 10-Man *new 03/25*
Drape of the Spellweaver (Cloak - Spell crit haste) - 10-Man *new 03/25*
Shroud of Alteration (Cloak - Spell haste MP5) - trash mobs 25-Man *new 03/25*
Pendant of Endless Despair (Neck - Spell crit MP5) - 10-Man *new 04/17*
Aesuga, Hand of the Ardent Champion (1H Mace - Spell crit haste yellow socket) - 10-Man hard *new 04/28*
Flame Leviathan
Energy Siphon (Trinket - Mana) - 10-Man
Glowing Ring of Reclamation (Ring - Spell crit + spirit) - 25-Man
Freya's Choker of Warding (Neck - Spell haste MP5) - 25-Man
Ice Layered Barrier (Shield - Spell haste MP5) - 10-Man hard *updated 03/25*
Frostplate Greaves (Plate Legs - Spell crit MP5) - 25-Man
Runescribed Blade (Sword - Spell crit + spirit) - 25-Man
Greaves of the Rockmender (Plate Boots - Spell crit MP5) - 25-Man
Ring of the Faithful Servant (Ring - Spell crit MP5) - 25-Man
Libram of the Resolute (Libram - Holy) - 25-Man *link fixed 04/17*
Gloves of the Pythonic Guardian (Plate Hands - Spell crit MP5) - 25-Man
Unfaltering Armguards (Plate Bracers - Spell haste MP5) - 25-Man *new 04/17*
Iron Council
Radiant Seal (Ring - Spell haste MP5) - 25-Man
Unblinking Eye (Neck - Spell crit +spirit) 25-Man
Ancient Iron Heaume (Plate Head - Spell crit haste) - 25-Man *new 03/21*
Pauldrons of Tempered Will (Plate Shoulders - Spell crit haste) - 10-Man *new 03/21*
Lady Maye's Sapphire Ring (Ring - Spell haste + spirit) - 10-Man *new 03/21*
Watchful Eye (Neck - Spell haste +spirit +yellow socket) 10-Man hard *new 03/21*
Sapphire Amulet of Renewal (Neck - Spell haste + spirit) - 25-Man hard *new 04/28*
Legplates of the Flourishing Resolve (Plate Legs - Spell crit MP5) - 10-Man
Fire Orchid Signet (Ring - Spell haste MP5) - 10-Man hard *new 04/28*
Pulse Baton (1H Mace - spell crit MP5) - 10-Man *new 03/21*
Asimov's Drape (Cloak - Spell crit + spirit) - 25-Man *new 03/21*
Pandora's Plea (Trinket - int + proc spell power) - 25-Man *new 03/21*
Cable of the Metrognome (Plate Waist - Spell haste MP5) - 10-Man *new 04/28*
Conductive Seal (Ring - Spell haste + spirit) - 25-Man hard *new 04/28*
Wisdom's Hold (Shield - Spell crit haste) - 25-Man hard *new 04/17*
Pendant of the Shallow Grave (Neck - Spell crit haste) - 10-Man hard *new 04/28*
Sif's Remembrance (Trinket - Spell power, mana regen) - 10-Man hard *new 04/28*
Gauntlets of the Thunder God (Plate Hands - Spell crit haste red&blue sockets) - 10-Man hard *new 04/28*
Shawl of Haunted Memories (Cloak - Spell crit spirit) - 25-Man *new 04/17*
Faceguard of the Eyeless Horror (Plate Head - Spell crit MP5) - 10-Man *new 04/28*
Sanity's Bond (Ring - Spell haste MP5) - 25-Man *new 04/28*
Show of Faith (Trinket - Spell power, mana regen) - 25-Man hard *new 04/28*
Signet of Soft Lament (Ring - Spell crit + spirit) - 10-Man *new 04/28*
Shawl of the Caretaker (Cloak - Spell haste MP5) - 10-Man *new 04/17*

BoE Crafts:
Plans: Girdle of the Righteous - Flame Leviathan - 25-Man
(Plate Waist - Spell haste MP5)

Emblems of Conquest (25-Man):
Legguards of the Peaceful Covenant (Plate Legs - Spell Haste MP5)
Girdle of Unyielding Trust (Plate Waist - Spell crit MP5)
Gauntlets of Serene Blessing (Plate Hands - Spell Haste MP5)
Evoker's Charm (Neck - Spell haste + spirit)
Frozen Tear of Elune (Neck - Spell crit MP5)

Now, for my view on these items.

First of most of the emblems items are just crap, more haste, no crit, that will for sure not complement a T8 already crit deprived, pass them but for the waist.
The BoE craft waist is mostly bad too, same reason, get the emblems one.

Now, on the Ulduar loots. My point is simple: T8 already has plenty of haste, we only need a little more than 600 haste rating in a raid environment if we play correctly, so get more is just a waste of item points. I'll always go for +crit first then mp5, haste. I'll also always pass on +spirit items if there is a choice on the slot, just because spirit is worth crap for us.

Best in slot list:
T8 or -
Head - Ancient Iron Heaume - Iron Council 25-Man
Spell crit, spell haste, good socket color, nothing to rant about this helm, grab it!
Shoulders - Pauldrons of Tempered Will - Ignis 10-Man / Iron Council 10-Man
they are inferior to the 25-Man but 1% crit is nicer than MP5, unless perhaps on fights like Vezax if MP5 works
Chest - Breastplate of the Devoted - XT-002 25-Man-Hard
is a clear winner, no choice, but hard mode
Lifeforge Breastplate - Ignis 25-Man
isn't that shabby either
Hands - Gloves of the Pythonic Guardian - Kologarn 25-Man
not much choice for now, we will probably see more than one of these items soon
and choice appeared :
Gauntlets of the Thunder God - Thorim 10-Man hard *added to list 04/28*
with the two sockets they have more potential than the Kologarn ones, though it's hard mode and Kologarn isn't that hard if you have a good Ulduar 25 raid
Legs - Frostplate Greaves - Hodir 25-Man
very nice legs, great for mana regen
out of set -
Bracers - Horologist's Wristguards - XT002 (25-Man?) *added to list 04/01*
Waist - Girdle of Unyielding Trust - Emblems of Conquest
Boots - Greaves of the Rockmender - Auriaya 25-Man
Neck - Charm of Meticulous Timing - XT002 25-Man
another very close candidate (with slightly more crit and less of others)
Pendant of the Shallow Grave - Thorim 10-Man hard *new 04/28*
or (slightly inferior but easier to get and has spell crit)
Frozen Tear of Elune - Emblems of Conquest
Cloak - Asimov's Drape - Mimiron 25-Man
Some spirit but still a very good healer cloak, and the only one up to now. Besides, if you don't know Asimov, go read some good SF asap !
a very good 10-Man cloak has been added now:
Drape of the Spellweaver - Vezax 10-Man *new 03/25*
Spell crit, spell haste, a good deal of intellect, that's a very good candidate until you can get to Asimov (that healers using spirit should get before you).
Trinkets - not much choice
Eye of the Broodmother - Razorscale
Energy Siphon - Flame Leviathan 10-Man, this one is outdated on the mana regen and should be replaced by one of the two following trinkets:
Sif's Remembrance - Thorim 10-Man hard *new 04/28* and even more
Show of Faith (Trinket - Spell power, mana regen) - Yogg-Saron 25-Man hard *new 04/28* (basically a good upgrade of Sif's Remembrance)
Pandora's Plea - Mimiron 25-Man
Pandora's Plea is *the best* trinket that Holy Paladin can get, 108 int is a massive boost to our mana, regen, and crit, no discussion grab it if you can !
Other healers have a +100 spirit trinket on Mimiron, so try to leave them this one and get the int one.
Rings -
Pyrelight Circle - Ignis 25-Man
Ring of the Faithful Servant - Auriaya 25-Man
Fire Orchid Signet - Freya 10-Man hard *new 04/28*
Sanity's Bond - Yogg-Saron 25-Man *new 04/28*
They are all good candidates, chose depending on your need (crit/haste/mana regen).
Shield - Ice Layered Barrier - Hodir 10-Man
According to the ilevel, I'm not sure it drops on 10-Man, it's haste/MP5, so not I really like, but the other alternative (Pulsing Spellshield) is just plain bad (way too much stam).
Wisdom's Hold (Shield - Spell crit haste) - Thorim 25-Man hard *new 04/17*
This is now the clear best in slot, but Thorim 25-Man hard mode, get to work on it people.
Kel'Thuzad Voice of Reason is still a very good shield anyway.
Weapon -
I'm rather sad with the weapon choice up to now (I won't talk about the legendary mace,Val'anyr, Hammer of the Ancient Kings, of course if you can go for it, then go)
1H Sword Runescribed Blade - Auriaya 25-Man
Nice but spirit points are wasted for us.
1H Mace Guiding Star - Razorscale 25-Man
Haste and MP5 ... no crit, sad pally.
1H Mace Pulse Baton - Mimiron 10-Man
Crit and MP5, not a bad mace, but 10-Man is inferior to Kel 25.
Aesuga, Hand of the Ardent Champion - General Vezax 10-Man hard *new 04/28*
Now we're talking, this mace has all the stats we want and a nice yellow socket. I won't say it's clearly superior to KT sword, but with the gem it has a slightly better allocation with less stam and haste for more spell power and crit potential.
If you have Kel'Thuzad sword The Turning Tide, stick to it I'd say.

Thank you to MMO Champion for all the data that I used to compile this list.
If you have any remark, feel free to post a comment.


  1. Happy you like it, I'll try to keep that updated with Ulduar being now live.

  2. amazing...this is a wet dream for a raiding paladin with dual spec, saved me alooot of reading and times.
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  5. Hey, ty for this man, have had some problems finding out what I should buy and not buy in my guild lately because there still isn't a full loot register out yet, but this gives you a good head start, keep uppdating as you find out more! :D