Thursday, March 19, 2009

PTR Build 9704, Paladin Tier 8

All details can be found on MMO Champion and World of Raids.

The most interesting point is the addition of the Tier8 bonuses. I'm giving you the paladin ones below:
2P Bonus -- Increases the damage done by your Exorcism and Hammer of Wrath abilities by 10%.
4P Bonus -- Increases the critical strike chance of your Divine Storm and Crusader Strike abilities by 10%.
2P Bonus -- Increases the damage done by your Seals by 10%.
4P Bonus -- Shield of Righteousness now increases your shield block value by 225 for 3 sec.
2P Bonus -- Your Holy Shock critical heals now also place a periodic healing effect on the target, healing for 15% of the Holy Shock's heal amount over 9 sec.
4P Bonus -- Increases the damage absorbed by your Sacred Shield by 10%.
Most of these bonuses are ok to good. I'm a bit sad about some of them though.
The ret bonuses are sub-part, increasing damage of Exorcism and Hammer is nice, but will ret paladins really have enough mana (especially at tke end of a fight) to use them regularly in their rotations ? Besides, boosting Crusader Strike is never a good choice, just because it is such a lack-luster ability at start.
The prot bonuses are good, the first one is free damage & aggro, never bad. The second is a little less interesting, as shield block is so lame right now, but another ace for paladins to aoe trash tank (sigh).
Holy bonuses now, the first one just rocks, it's a very nice complement to Tier7 2P Bonus, that was increasing Holy Schock crit chance by 10%. The Tier 8 4P is much less good, and I think most Holy Paladins will go for 3 T8 and 2 T7.25 pieces.

Siha of Banana Shoudlers posted a very in-depth analysis of the Tier 8 compared to the Tier 7, you can find it here.
These numbers made me wonder :
Net effect of upgrading all 5 pieces: +46 Stam, +41 Int, +39 mp5, +203 Armor, -45 Crit, +46 Haste, +72 Spellpower, plus a change in gemming (if you socket for color).
Ok what really counts is : +41 Int, +39 mp5, -45 Crit, +46 Haste, +72 Spellpower
I will add the fact that we move from 3 red sockets, 2 yellow sockets, 2 blue sockets to 2 red sockets, 1 yellow socket, 4 blue sockets.
Gaining 72 spell power and 42 Int is neat. But trading 45 crit, 1 red socket and 1 yellow socket for 46 haste and 2 blue sockets seriously hursts >.< style="font-style: italic;">But then ... if they remove us our mana "endurance", what will be left as an edge for paladins over other healers, when we are so weak on movement and aoe raid healing ?
I do not like what Blizzard is doing with paladins right now, they really can't handle PvP & PvE for us, a tank/contact dps class with mana is really something they don't know how to handle anymore.

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