Monday, March 09, 2009

Patch 3.1 Ulduar PTR testing, part 8

Some more testing on the PTR, the Flame Leviathan returns, a little more complete:
World of Raids : 3.1 PTR: Flame Leviathan Testing
MMO Champion : Ulduar and Emblems Loot, PTR Boss Testing (updated)

You'll also find a list of the first crafting patterns in Ulduar, all crafts will requite Runed Orbs (Ulduar Frozen Orbs) and a lot of HL components. Up to now all crafts are BoE, which for me is not a huge motivation to up a craft to 450.

On that last point, I'm strongly in favor of some (not all) BoP crafts, in all crafting professions. Hopefully not to the point of the cloth sets in BC, which were very badly balanced compared to their accessibility. But BoP crafts are a strong motivation to level a craft, and a reward for doing so. Most crafts are expensive to level, and too many don't offer much in the end, especially tailoring in WotLK. Backlash from BC, perhaps, but this is not good design.

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