Monday, March 23, 2009

Yet a few more blogs & some Arena scoring rant.

Ok, so my weekend activities mostly don't contain blogging, at least not writing here. But I've played some more WoW: advancing my warrior a little more towards 80 (she's 73 now), doing the first part of our weekly clear of heroic Nax, and playing too much arena on 2v2 and 3v3 for ma sanity with my holy paladin.

I really don't like the new scoring/pairing system of the arenas, not only do you fight against insanely high ranked teams, as it was the case before. But you even never get any point ... all our loss give us something like -15 to -25 pts and our wins are 4 to 12 pts ... please tell me why >.< We had two matches against the same team at some point, we lost the first and lost 19 pts, and won the second ... for a 7 pts win ... yay Blizzard Arena scoring system. *deep sigh*

On a more rejoicing point, I've read a few fun blogs this weekend, as I try to take some time each weekend (aka the only part of the week I have some) to read a few new blogs.
I'm sharing the most fun or interesting blogs I've read this time with you.

A warlock blog, Killing 'em Slowly has a fun article on the interaction of WoW and our real life.
On Aspect of the Hare, the story of a dreadful PUG that finally is all about friendship and trying your best.
And a last one for the holy paladins around here, a very good article about macros on

Have a good week everyone, and let us all hope for Ulduar soon, Nax really isn't appealing anymore.

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