Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Faster raiding is good

Posting again (I'll try to have new posts at least twice a week).
Today's topic, before a little more info about Ulduar PTR later today or tomorrow, is Faster Raiding.
Last week or so I read and article on WoW Insider named : A video guide to faster raiding
. I do recommend to anyone raiding to read it and watch the video (preferably on full screen as the text is pretty hard to read on a youtube embedded video).

The whole idea is "don't be lazy, pull fast". So we tried that with my guild this week. Usually we clean Nax25 in 3 nights, 2 wings each night + the lair on the third night, lazy mode. And we were surprised !
With not even our full load of "best raiders", we cleaned 11/15 of the bosses in one night, leaving only Gluth/Thaddius and the lair.
The second night was more than enough to finish cleaning it, even with some people half asleep and dying on Thaddius (shame on them :p) and some silly ice block bugs on Saph.

So well, if you're like me in a semi-casual guild, raiding most of the time without much pressure, try it. It is a change of pace that pushes everyone much more and all in all gives you much more fun ... and much more loot, giving you more time to do something else during your week :P

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