Monday, March 23, 2009

Open Pandora's Box !

A new huge and shiny and so-powerful trinket appeared on the PTR after the first downs of heroic, 25-Man, Mimiron.
Pandora's Plea
+108 Intellect
Equip: Your spells have a chance to increase your spell power by 850 for 10s.
I'm still using the jewelcrafting one myself (Sapphire Owl), just for the intellect with 2 yellow intellect gems (+16int) the trinket gives you +74 intellect, and a 2340 mana regen each 5mn which I really enjoy up to now.
Pandora's Plea is a clear winner on a power perspective, with 34 more intellect, and a spell power boost (probably 45s hidden cooldown, as most proc trinkets now).

There is another trinket for healers that drop on Kologarn, the Spark of Hope, it gives a 100 spirit bonus. Clearly the spark is itemized towards Druids and Holy Priests, the Pandora's Plea being more a Paladin and Disc Priest thing.

Now, with the changes of 3.1 towards spirit, expect a lot of people to need on Pandora's Plea. And here come's the root of the name.

Pandora's Box is an old greek legend that has already been used in a lot of video-games, you can read the article on wikipedia. Pandora's Box is said to contain evils to be unleashed on mankind and finally hope.
Now take Pandora's Box and Divine Plea (the so contested and already two-times nerfed in fight mana regen ability of paladins), and you get Pandora's Plea (you could get Divine Box but that's for a future item :p).

If this item is clearly by it's name targeted towards Holy Paladins, expect a lot of fights over it as many many people will want it, from healers to mages or warlocks. My fellow paladins, we will be hated for the loot fights over this one, as we are already for all the kills our ret brethen have made in PvP during the 3.0 overpower period. Evil will happen before this item gives hope to a raid. You can mark my words ...

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