Friday, March 06, 2009

Paladins & Judgements

A very interesting article was published on Banana Shoulders (link on the right side of the page): Against Your Better Judgement: A Guide to Judging.
It details the different judgments that paladins can use, and which spec is better than the other to use each of them.

I encourage you to read the whole article, as it is very nicely written, I'll copy here the conclusions given to us by Siha:

If your raid has:

  • Ret, Prot and Holy: Ret on Judgement of Light, Prot on Judgement of Wisdom, Holy on Judgement of Justice.
  • Ret and Prot: Ret on Judgement of Light, Prot on Judgement of Wisdom.
  • Ret and Holy: Ret on Judgement of Light, Holy on Judgement of Wisdom.
  • Prot and Holy: Prot on Judgement of Light, Holy on Judgement of Wisdom.
  • If all your group’s paladins are of the same spec, it doesn’t really matter who judges what. The best-geared paladin should judge Light, as it scales with gear, but it doesn’t really matter.
I completely agree with this conclusion, but what I do really thank Siha for is that:

There are holy paladins out there who will claim they should be judging Light so they get credit for all that healing done on the meters. There are raid leaders out there who look at healing meters and get angry if the Retribution paladin is nearly outhealing the Holy paladin.

To both of you, I say: fie on you! Healing is not a competition; the raid group is a team. Do you really want to give bad assignments that waste peoples’ potential, just so the meters look “right”?

A Holy Paladin should never be judging light if there is a ret or prot paladin in the raid, he should be judging wisdom/justice and eat the loss on the heal meters. If your raid leader isn't happy with your healing, just try to explain, and if he can't understand, change guild.
A raid leader or healing leader not knowledgeable enough of the game to understand why meters are not everything about healing is just a bad leader. Point nothing more to say.
Siha goes by the same idea I put into my first post about Raiding as a Healing Paladin concerning the healing/overhealing meters, and I'm really happy to find a fellow paladin healer pushing that view. Thank you Siha :D

As a side note, Healing Paladin friends, try to keep JoW up at all time on the boss during a raid (judging each 20s) even if you only need to refresh it each minute for your Judgements of the Pure. If you have a hard time keeping it up, track the duration of JoW with an add-on such as Natur EnemyCastBar.

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