Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Where in the world is Mc Weaksauce ?

A short post on the "Mc Weaksauce" npcs.
I had several people googling the blog of that, so I'm posting a short article on them.
The Mc Weaksauce npcs are added to the current content of the Ulduar 25 PTR. They are present to help raiders to test the 25 men content faster, giving you full Ulduar 10 gear (Mc Weaksauce gear :P) and mass raising when there is a wipe. This is very usefull as Hodir, for exemple, is relatively deep into the instance, and running 5 to 10mn after each wipe isn't particularly fun when you're just testing the boss (there is no trash in Ulduar at least when Hodir was tested on Friday).

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