Monday, March 09, 2009

10 or 25 men raids? Why there is something bad in this design.

I listened to Episode 20 of Blue Plz! this weekend. That reminded me of something I really wanted to discuss. So yet another small ranting post, completely and only my point of view on the game.

With the Ulduar tables appearing, Blizzard enforces the item loot level difference between 10 men and 25 men. There is a 13 Ilevel difference between 10 men loot and 25 men loot, in favor of the 25 men obviously.

The thing is, 10 men is not easier than 25 men. Some fights are actually easier in 25 men (Sartha + drakes, obviously).

I don't see why the loot should be better in 25 men "heroic" than 10 men. The only real "difficulty" of 25 men raiding, is having 25 people online at the same time for enough time.

As Total Biscuit is saying, 25 men raid is "logistically" harder, it has nothing to do with the difficulty of the raid encounter. As him, I'd like to see 10 men and 25 men raids "separate but equal" on the difficulty and the loot.
25 men Naxx is as easily pugable than 10 men, it's just all about finding enough people.

I encourage you to listen to Blue Plz! podcast, on the links below:

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