Saturday, March 07, 2009

Build 9658 and more Arena Holy Paladin nerfs

Now a small rant, for holy paladins, especially in the Arena.
You can read the section about paladins in the new build on MMO Champion : PTR Patch 3.1.0 - Build 9658

You probably all know that paladins were dominating the arena healing for the beginning of the first season. The reason is simple, and everyone with more than half a brain know it. Burst damage was too high, and everyone being in nax25 gear was strongly in favor of dps over healers that need resilience to survive. So paladins, having plate and the holy bubble were the only one to be able to survive the initial burst damage of all these arena matches played in less than 30s. Retribution paladins, DKs, rogues, arcane mages, all the biggest dpsers were already nerfed hard or are going to be on the burst side.

Now resilience is increasing, and they gave a lot of survival tool to the "poor druids". No pun intended but they were already the kings of the arena for nearly 1 year, and their innate mobility and adaptability granted by the basic design of the class clearly give them a huge edge in small scale pvp, aka, the arena.
Anyone playing there already started to see increasing healers survival, and that will go even more that way with the increase of the resilience.

So well, clearly holy paladins dominance was only going to last until priests/shaman & more than anyone else druids caught up with enough resilience to survive the burst. But we're going to get nerfed anyway. You can read the details in the new build, I'm just sick about them, but clearly they are intended at the arena. For exemple the reduction of Enlightened Judgements: "No longer increases the range of Judgement of Justice.", aims at removing our main judgement from the Arena play (don't make me laugh about judging 15m away from a dpser).

Holy paladins in the arena are soon going to be as ineffective and bad in the arena as they were during Season 4, not able to move, bad at avoiding mana drains ... etc, and without that edge of a "really needed" survivability.
Say hello to the mighty druids again, you're soon going to see only them all around the place.

(end of sad ranting about Blizzard "overnerfing/overbuffing since patch3.0", especially paladins)

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