Friday, March 13, 2009

Patch 3.1 Ulduar PTR testing, part 11 (build 9684), Ulduar date "announced"

What's happening on the PTR lately ? A lot of things :P

First, some boss tests were canceled on Wednesday night, you can have the details and the new schedule on this post from MMO Champion. Auriaya and Mimiron were postponed. You can find the new updated test schedule on this post from World of Raidsa and this one from WoW Insider.

And the big news is : expect patch 3.1 in something around 3 weeks ?
As Tom noted in Blessing of Might, patch 3.1 is probably not far away. Quoting Kisirani (source):
The current plan is to delay Noblegarden should the testing process run long.
As Noblegarden is scheduled for the 12th april, we can probably expected patch 3.1 at this date, or not far from it. It seems the blues are not going to delay it to test Noblegarden much, as Ulduar testing is going strong but a bit longer than expected lately (see the delay just before).
Wow Insider seems to think otherwise, for Mike Schramm, the announce of the delay of Noblegarden means that patch 3.1 testing will last longer than the 12th april, and that Noblegarden will happen later, when it has been tested properly.
So if we can be sure Noblegarden will probably not happen on the 12th April, will they release patch 3.1 around then without it, or will they wait longer to test Noblegarden fully and release it with patch 3.1 at a later date ?

Now a new build has hit the PTR too, build 9684.
There are a lot of things concerning loot & items in this build:

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