Thursday, March 05, 2009

Heroic: The Spellweaver's Downfall

I know, I know, we were slow :P
But we finally managed to get a full evening on Malygos heroic, and enough people that know what they should do on the same evening (usually the hardest part for us, small guild you know :P).
After a few wipes, he died to us nicely, despite being one short on healers to have a safe phase2 (quite bursty I should say, and having 3 paladins and one shaman on the 7 healers was not a plus for that fight ... stupid Blizzard).

Anyway, I'm just happy my guild finished all the WotLK content now, so despite being often not enough and a good bunch of us strong casual people. Grats everyone :)
The surprise was that, with this down my small semi-casual guild jumped on the WowJutsu guild ranking of my server (Dalaran EU). Even though it is a pure PvE server it's an old one with a lot of people. The proof that even non-hardcore small guilds can manage well if they really try to.
I hope the next content will be even more selective of the players more than of the size of guilds. The hardest part of heroic Nax right now is having 25 people, not cleaning it ... it is even easier than the 10 men version for most of the bosses >.<

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