Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Patch 3.1 Ulduar PTR news, part 2

Friday 02/27 to saturday 02/28

For nice videos give a look to the MMO Champion page:

For a complete map of Ulduar, even if still a bit rough:


The time frame for Thorim to be up was very short it seems.
You can find a few information on him there:

He seems to have about 4.2M hp on normal and 12.8M on heroic. The
fight is two phases. It starts with a Giant Jormungar (ice worm) and
mind controled horde or alliance soldiers, followed by dwarf
constructs. The second phase is Thorim himself.


We have much more information on Freya, and several EU guilds were
able to down her. It is mostly a Sartharion type fight.

A lot of detailed information there:

This is the first detailed information on trash we have. All the trash
in Freya's agrden is detailed in the World of Raids article.
About Freya herself, she is a nig summon fight. She's practically
immune during the beggining of the fight as she'll have a huge bonus
to her healing (Attuned to Nature buff). This buff will decrease when
you kill the adds she summons, until you're finally able to kill her.
There is a lot fo interesting mechanics in this fight, and you'll have
to move from sunbeams and onto mushrooms :)

Freya has 3 adds that can be killed before engaging her (aka
Sartharion mode), the hard mode will be to let some of them live, and
they will buff her and her allies:
* Stonebark: The essence of Elder Stonebark increases physical damage dealt by Freya by 50%.
* Ironbranch: The essence of Elder Ironbranch increases Physical damage dealt by Allies of Nature by 50%.
* Brightleaf: The essence of Elder Brightleaf increases Magic damage dealt by Freya and her Allies of Nature by 50%.

Iron Council

This is a trio boss fight with:
Steelbreaker, an Iron Giant
Runemaster Molgeim, a Vrykul
Stormcaller Brundir, and Iron Dwarf
They all have 3M hps on normal and 10M on heroic.

Some good info there:

They all gain new abilities when one of their member dies, and then
others when they're the last remaining. It seems the easiest kill is
to let the dwarf for the last, and the hardest is having the giant
last. This could be the "hard mode" for this boss trio.

Ulduar general info

If you want more insight into Ulduar storyline and the possible
"secret" hard mode only boss (most probably named Algalon), hurry to
this article on WoW Insider:

Very interesting reading to say the least :)

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