Thursday, March 19, 2009

Patch 3.1 Ulduar PTR testing, part 14

New day, new bosses tested. In fact only one, and nothing much new.

Kologarn testing (US) was canceled, as new build is deployed on the PTR.
Razorscale (EU) has seen one more testing phase, reports on MMO Champion and World of Raids.

Razorscale is still fairly bugged and too easy according to these reviews, let's hop they can fix that. On a side note, it's a fire based fight (all of Razorscale abilities do fire damage).

I'd also like to point a post from Honors that you can read on Honors Code. He's talking about two potential issues for pally tanking in Ulduar, more precisely Auriaya’s Horrifying Screech, and General Vezax’s Aura of Despair.
(from MMO Champion)
Horrifying Screech - The screech strikes fear into the hearts of all nearby enemies, causing them to flee in horror for 5 sec.
Aura of Despair (Prevents mana regeneration from nearly all natural sources. Aspect of the Viper, Judgements of the Wise, Shamanistic Rage, and Spiritual Attunement remain at least partially effective. Also reduces melee attack speed by 20%.)
Obviously fear on a 8s cooldown can be pretty tough for a pally tank and any tank with a long cd on fear break. And mana regen is mandatory for all paladins tanking, or they don't tank more than a bettle ... if Spiritual Attunement is gimped on Vezax, no paladin is ever going to tank him.
We'll see how it goes, it'd be sad if a paladin couldn't tank Ulduar in 10 men because of these two bosses.

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