Sunday, March 08, 2009

More PTR news - Ulduar PTR part 7 - General Vezax & Kologarn Testing

So last night was time for more Ulduar boss testing on the PTR. As usual, your best source of information:
World of Raids - 3.1 PTR: General Vezax Testing, Kologarn Video and Encounter Details
MMO Champion - Ulduar and Emblems Loot, PTR Boss Testing (updated)

Kologarn looks quite gigantic and I can't wait to see it on live. It will be a strong nature damage encounter, and we'll have to fight his two arms & his body mmm ... massive :)

Vezax was killed on both 10 and 25 men by Ensidia, once again grats to them but if they're the only ones to down a boss, I'm not worrying about it's difficulty. It shall be a very heavy shadow damage fight.
A very interesting part of Vezax fight is that (from MMO Champion) :
Aura of Despair (Prevents mana regeneration from nearly all natural sources. Aspect of the Viper, Judgements of the Wise, Shamanistic Rage, and Spiritual Attunement remain at least partially effective.) is active throughout the whole fight, the only "normal" way to regain mana is to use potions. You can also destroy the crystals flying in the room, they will drop a green cloud on the ground and will restore your mana, they will also damage you for an equal amount of health points (1000 Mana regen = 1000 Damage), this buff stacks and will regen more and more mana (and deal more damage as well) over time. The hard mode version of the encounter require you to not use these clouds.
It seems that "overpowered" mana regen will be a real issue in this fight, no ability seem to be able to regen mana, but potions. I'm eager to see what difficulty it adds to the fight and how these clouds are needed.

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