Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Raid Healing Analysis & Dual-spec for Healers

I'll start with a very good post from Khaeli on Shadow Weaving. It is about analysing a WWS parse report. I guess all experienced raiders should know how to do that. But in case you're still a bit confused with the amount of information in these logs, Khaeli gives us a lot of very meaningfull advices from a healing point of view.

Ambrosyne from i like bubbles wrote a post about dual-spec. How will you use dual-spec as a raiding healing paladin ? Ambrosyne tries to answer this question, considering also the side of a disc priest. For me it'll be prot most probably, just in case we're short a tank as my guild is sort of low on tanks, as we don't want to have to make them sit aside during r25 nights.

As a side note, small good news for retribution paladins on WoW insider, the bug about Sheath of Light not contributing to Sacred Shield should be corrected soon. Not huge but he, in these times a buff is a buff.

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