Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Heroic Twilight Duo

So last night my guild made it's second serious attempt at Sartharion 25-Man with two drakes. The first one was on Sunday night, after the last bosses of your weekly 2 nights Naxxramas clean.

Things didn't start very well, not so many raiders last night, 9 healers in the group, and 2 players picked-up to fill the roster. The first tries were not that great, worse than the Sunday ones according to the raiders that were in it Sunday (I wasn't).

After too many tries, no real progress. We can't manage to keep all the tanks up until the second drake is down. Dps is too slow. Healers fumble (I've let my tank die once after taking a tail stun from Sartharion >.< shame on me). Some people die in the void zones when there is too many things around (like 12 baby drakes, 5 people dpsing them, 1 tank, spell aoe ... and then a void zone on top of all that). Some others don't stop dps fast enough when a portal pops.
This is a fight requiring some measure of awareness and reactivity, and I guess everyone needed some time to get used to it. If you add the fact our raid group was surely not optimal, it wasn't easy. So there we are, and I call for the last try. The two tries before were not that bad but people are starting to get tired and I don't want them to lose all motivation. We will be back next week with a better raid build if need be! Now well "Everyone give your best shot, we'll blast him with one drake anyway if we don't succeed with 2".
Guess what ... everyone did their best, dps is good enough on the first drake and he dies not long after the arrival of the second. People don't die (too much) and are battle-rezed. All tanks are kept up and keep their targets on them. The second drake dies ... now it leaves Sartharion (still at 90% life). He goes slowly slowly down while we dance with the lava, and finally reaches his "enrage" when lava adds pop like crazy and you need to burst him bad ... and ... he's dead !

Great job everyone, it would not have been so hard with a more suitable raid (read less healers :p). But we did it, and it has been the only time with the down of Malygos that I really heard cries on teamspeak when a boss died. This is a fun fight :)

(achievement pic is made with MMOCluster, as I wasn't there on sunday, you don't get the achievement if you have not been part of the 3 small drake kills, silly.)

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