Friday, March 27, 2009

Patch 3.1 Ulduar PTR testing, part 18, build 9733

Two bosses hard modes were tested on Wednesday night: General Vezax, and Hodir. You can find the loot/changes details on MMO Champion.
About Holy Paladin loot, there are some news with new Vezax loot, you can look at it on the Holy Paladin Ulduar complete loot table. The best in slot of 10-Man cape is now taken :P

A new build has been deployed on the PTR Thursday night, build 9733, more details on MMO Champion and World of Raids.
The build changes are slim, let's consider it as a sign that live isn't too far away. I hope.

A quick link to a post about healing in Ulduar on Restokin. This is a druid healing discussion, but it seems Ulduar is changing enough to be interesting for druids. I'm not sure it'll be as fun for paladins, with our crappy 3.1 nerfs and the aoe damage / mobile fights. But at least it is encouraging on the "feeling fresh" side, I think we really all need something fresh right now ... and I said right now ! :P

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