Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A short blog post about ... blogs

I just wanted to share some blog/podcast I've discovered recently and got addicted to.

For those of you who don't know Mr. Total Biscuit, I warmly recommend you to listen to his podcast named Blue Plz! He's surely not for the youngest ears, but at least I've found someone who dares to say what he thinks about the game, without taking gloves.
You can find his new blog page here, and the podcast archives on WoW Radio here. Btw, there are numerous interesting shows on WoW Radio, try them, you could like them :P

Now, Underground World of Warcraft (UWOW), an interesting website listing all the WoW podcasts when they are released (very cool) and giving critiques about them. If you're new to WoW podcasts and in search for the ones that would fits you, try to give a look to their blog, that could very well be your gold mine.

To finish with my "new wow loves", everyone should now know that Phaelia, the druid healing guru of Resto4Life is leaving the blogsphere for a more intense life. I happened to listen to one of the last Twisted Nether podcasts recently where another cool druid was invited (author of Treebound Cat), and he pointed me there : Nerf this Druid. If you're interested about healing theorycrafting, this will be a site for you.

Another finish finish, if you've not yet noted, there is a nifty new tool in the blogsphere called WoW Headlines. You can find there about all the blog articles published each day, for all class driven blogs. And so most of the articles you read here :P
A big hug to Nance for doing such an awesome job. Very convenient to say the least.

Ok, I've done enough linking for a month, at least. But sometimes, I just feel like sharing :P

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