Monday, March 16, 2009

Patch 3.1 Patch Notes updated (13th), yet more sad paladin changes

The official patchnotes for Patch 3.1 have been updated on the 13th, you can find them there :
Patch Notes 3.1 - World of Raids, MMO Champion

I won't discuss everything, and keep it to what changed for Paladins in this notes (not yet all implemented into the last PTR build).
Spiritual Attunement: Removed from trainers. It is now available deep in the Protection tree for 2 ranks at 5/10%.
That is a sad change. The problem with Spiritual Attunement is that from fight to fight, the amount of mana given to a retribution or holy paladin changes a lot, depending on the quantity of raid aoe damage. I can understand it makes fights hard to tune regarding paladins, but without this skill, retribution and holy paladins just can't tank anything. I'll discuss this more later.
Infusion of Light: Now increases the critical chance of your next Holy Light by 10/20% instead of reducing cast time. Moved to tier-10.
Another badly implemented change. This one obviously targets arenas, but in PvE Holy Light already often is a lot of overhealing, it will just make that worse, adding more random aspect to paladin healing. Spam > Skill for Blizzard these days.
Blessing of Sanctuary: Now only grants mana on dodge/parry/block. In addition, will only grant mana if that is the active power type of the friendly target (Bears and Cats won’t gain mana).
This is a prot change, but it clearly turns BoS useless for any non paladin tank. With this change, I'd say that we only need two paladins in a raid now, one for a Blessing of Kings, and one for a Wisdom (and that is not even true if you have shamans) and Might. Yest another reduction of paladins utility, are we so OP right now in PvE ? ... sad panda

On a brighter side-note, read that:
Badges and Emblems looted off of any dungeon bosses by a member of the party or raid will automatically be given to all eligible party or raid members. Party or raid members must still be inside the instance to receive Badges or Emblems.
Isn't it a nice change, and about time :P
No more waiting 5mn for coffers loot (Karazhan Chess or 4 Horsemen anyone ?).
An additional effect will be that none will forget to get his badge now, and that will speed up runs a little.

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